At JOJO ROSS we take great pride in being New Zealand made and we are dedicated to producing locally. The partnership with our local makers' is incredibly important to us and we consider it crucial to our mission of creating premium garments at a slower pace.

We work closely with our machinists visiting them regularly to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship in our designs. For us, it's essential to maintain a personal connection with the people who help bring our vision to life and to share our values with them.

We strongly believe that working closer to home is integral for a sustainable business and better for both the environment and the community. In addition to supporting our local industry, producing locally reduces our environmental footprint, and affords the ability to make smaller quantities with faster manufacturing times.

We source most of our fabrics locally, and our fabric off-cuts are collected and recycled by a local textile recycler to minimise waste. In-house production for smaller runs, made to order and custom pieces is something we are also very proud to offer, with the studio a visible and exciting aspect of our Onehunga store.

As a fashion designer whose joy comes from the art of making, sharing this process with our customers is close to Jojo’s heart.

May 01, 2023 — Sonia Mcleod