Our design process always begins with fabric and exploring our local wholesalers for inspiration. Curious prints and textures set the journey in motion and inform the mood of each collection, with high quality cloths and natural fibres to compliment them.

The process of selecting prints is not guided by predetermined ideas or rules, but rather by following the heart. With this approach each collection is an intimate voyage and a visual manifestation of personal mood and feeling. Incorporating textures adds depth and a tactile quality to our collections.

Extra fine devoré’s, pleated fabrics, plissé’s and bouclés are our favourite fabrics of intrigue. In a subtle way, textures can have the same effect as a print, albeit in minimalistic and understated manner.

Cotton knits and ribs are the backbone of our enduring classic “Pillars” pieces. A breathable natural fibre that is soft to wear and incredibly durable, cotton can be worn year-round. From lightweight summer tops to warm winter hoodies, our elevated cotton styles are made for daily trans-seasonal wear.

For more special pieces, we always love silk. Silks are a true pleasure to cut, sew and create with, and while they require a little more care due to their delicate nature, their lustre and drape is perfect evening and occasion wear.

We consider wools essential in our offering, regardless of season. Contrary to popular belief wool can be worn year round due to it’s breathability, with lightweight merino knits and suiting’s being a perfect example of this. Blends, such as our Italian suiting's, are ideal for travel and daily wear with creasing kept to a minimum. They’re machine washable, stable and easy to care for.

May 11, 2023 — Sonia Mcleod