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Born from isolation, 2.0 is project of reinvention. 

In stores, a new garment is relevant for a mere 6 months. Then, old stock. Sale stock. Clearance. 

As a maker, I am incredibly close to each individual garment. Each piece has so much of my hand in it’s creation. My garments put simply, mean a lot to me. 

I hate to see them put away, considered old while brand new and when they still have so much to give. 

2.0 is about re-kindling the life of a garment. To begin, I have re-visited seven styles of ‘old stock’ which have been delightfully re-imagined into seven new styles.  2.0 is about the love of making and finding new possibilities in existing fashion - an ode to the naive teenage op-shopper I once was, finding and re-creating vintage pieces. 

2.0 will be continually added to and updated, when creativity strikes. Drop one is now available exclusively online and I'm excited to offer wholesale pricing, so 2.0 can be accessible and enjoyed by many.